Applications Now for the 2017 WildChina Explorer Grant!

2016 winner

Pengyou explorers, apply by April 23rd to win a $5000 WildChina Explorer Grant to travel and make an impact in China! Past winners have included projects to preserve the beauty of starry skies, a documentary about China’s last matriarchal society (the mosuo tribe in Yunnan), and documenting early salt trading paths in remote Qinghai.

Applicants will submit a video which is then voted upon through social media. The video that receives the most votes will receive the prize money and may use that money freely to pursue the project of their choice.

Check out some of the application videos before, and request an application packet here:

About WildChina:

WildChina began when founder Mei Zhang dared to pursue her dream of connecting travelers with authentic experiences in China, at a time where the only way to see the Middle Kingdom was behind the glass of tour bus windows. From picking tea with a farmer in Yunnan to making hand-spun yak wool with nomads in Gansu, we have never stopped exploring sophisticated and sustainable ways to interact with local communities, winning many accolades of support along the way.

The WildChina Explorer Grant was established in 2011 to enable other dreamers and explorers to embark on the same path that allowed us to share our exploration philosophy with the world. Through the WildChina Explorer Grant we hope to find adventurers who aspire to make an impact through exploration. Explorers who will join us in breaking new frontiers, and who dare to challenge the unknown.