Beijing Alumni Leaders Hold Hutong Meeting

The Project Pengyou office was excited to host its first ever guests last night – the alumni leaders of different university alumni clubs in Beijing.

My friends Jason (from Harvard Club) and Tyler (from Georgetown club) and I (MIT Club) decided to rally the gang for a casual get-together, so everyone could meet the new faces and sow the seeds of more inter-school collaboration. The last time that alumni club leaders got together was over a year ago.

Since we knew it would be a big crowd, we needed a space that could accommodate everyone, where people could speak freely.  Project Pengyou’s hutong office worked out well for it!

Overall, we had 40 representatives from 24 schools – the most that had ever been represented in an alumni leaders’ meeting!  In our “town hall” style meeting, major topics discussed included organizing inter-school Pub Quizzes, College Fairs, Volunteer Days, and other community mixers.

We also thought a bit about how Project Pengyou could help serve the alumni communities.  Although Project Pengyou’s website development is still in “stealth mode” right now, we hope to eventually become a platform for communications among the different alumni groups, providing tools for China alumni to get in touch, create projects together, and stay connected.

And we hope this is just the first of many alumni gatherings at Project Pengyou headquarters!