China’s Global University Ranking Places U.S. Schools at the Top

Columbia University
In China, the United States continues to be viewed as the leader in world-class universities.

In an annual ranking of global educational institutions from the Center for World-Class Universities at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, U.S. universities snagged 16 of the top 20 spots.

According to AFP, the Center surveys “1,200 universities around the world annually.”

It ranks the best 500 based on six indicators, including the number of Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals won by staff and alumni, and the number of articles published in the journals Nature and Science.

While some European officials have critiqued the ranking’s methodology for favoring sciences over the humanities, the Center considers their list to be the “most trustworthy” out of all such rankings.

The top spots were claimed by names that would be familiar to any Chinese student: Harvard, Stanford, MIT and UC Berkeley. The University of Cambridge came in fifth, followed by Princeton and Caltech.

Mainland Chinese universities have improved their performance in the rankings, with 32 universities making it onto the top 500 list. Peking University placed at 118, with Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Tsinghua University close behind at 121 and 128, respectively.

With all these American universities at the top of the list, the flow of Chinese students heading to the U.S. for study will likely continue. But as China’s universities creep up the rankings, we’re sure to see more and more Americans making the trip to China.