Becoming a Global Citizen | APSA

When and Where

  • 21/04/2018
    7:30 pm-9:30 pm

  • The Bookworm
    Nan Sanlitun Road, Building 4, Chaoyang District
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Becoming a Global Citizen | APSA

Event Details

Join us for an inspiring and engaging event around becoming and being Global Citizens in the world today.

First, meet our speakers Peter and Raven and hear their inspiring stories for how a high school study abroad program helped to transform their lives and opened a world of opportunities for them.

In an age when we can live, study, and work around the globe more freely and across borders it raises an important question, “does that make us global citizens?” Let’s discuss what global citizenship is and listen to diverse perspectives from the Beijing community on what it means to be a global citizen and what positive impact a global-mindset can have on our personal and professional lives as well as on humankind.


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