Deciding to do an MBA or Postgraduate Degree

When and Where

  • 02/12/2018
    10:15 am-12:30 pm

  • Inn Cube Coworking Space
    9/F Jing Chao Building, No. 5 NongZhanGuanNanLu, Tuanjiehu, Chaoyang
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Event Details

JingJobs Presents: Deciding To Do An MBA or Postgraduate Degree

Choosing to go back to school or do an MBA is a big step and not an easy decision to make. It requires a certain mindset, discipline, financial commitment and in most cases, giving up your job for full time study.

This may lead to certain questions such as:

– What course or degree is right for me?

– Is the financial burden of going back to school too much? Would it make a difference in my career trajectory?

– What is the right time in my career to go back to school?

– Do I even need to go back to school? What will I learn that I can’t learn on the job?

– What steps do I need to take to get into a postgrad course?

– Do I even need a masters or MBA in my industry?

– Is going back to school a good way to change industries and careers?

– Will the benefits of a postgrad degree outweigh the costs? What will I be giving up exactly?

– What opportunities will be available to me after I finish my degree?

JingJobs has invited 4 established professionals who have each pursued postgraduate degrees during their careers to come and share their journey and advice. They will be sharing both the benefits as well as the challenges they came across during this transitionary period in their lives, and their reasons behind decisions made which led them to their jobs today. If you’d like to have your questions answered, come along to our next panel discussion.

Please note there will be no refunds or fapiaos available for this event. This event will be held in English with some translation available into Chinese.

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