Pengyou Day 朋友日 | WKU Chapter 西肯塔基大学分部

When and Where

  • 19/11/2015
    4:30 pm-6:00 pm

  • WKU HCIC, Room 2010
    Honors/International Bldg, Normal Dr.
    Bowling Green
    United States
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Pengyou Day 朋友日 | WKU Chapter 西肯塔基大学分部

Event Details

“Meet The Pengyous”

The Project Pengyou: WKU Chapter will celebrate its first Pengyou Day on Nov. 19th! We will be officially introducing Project Pengyou to WKU, and having a discussion about US-China relations. Come and join the movement!

Project朋友:西肯塔基大学分部将11月19日举办我们第一次的‘朋友日’活动!届时,我们将会给WKU介绍Project 朋友,和讨论中美关系。赶紧加入吧!


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