Pengyou Day, Berkeley Chapter

When and Where

  • 20/11/2014
    11:00 am-9:00 pm

  • Pengyou Day, Berkeley Chapter
    Barrow Ln, Berkeley, CA 94704
    United States
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Pengyou Day, Berkeley Chapter

Event Details

This Thursday, November 20th, is Pengyou Day. It is also US State Department’s International Education Week, so as Project Pengyou, Berkeley Chapter, we are hosting a series of events throughout the day to engage and bring together students. Be on the lookout for our interactive art piece, US China trivia game, and video project!

Get ready for a day of great food, friendship, cross cultural interaction, and much more! November 20th is the US State Department’s International Education Week and as Project Pengyou, we are hosting a series of events and activities throughout the day!

Day Event: #takeabao
Time: 11pm- 2pm
Location: Sproul Plaza
We will be displaying an interactive art piece to engage students. There will be a huge scroll of blueprint paper where students can write any China and US related topics, opinions, or questions. We will also be providing delicious baozi from Tianjin Dumplings to participants!

Project Pengyou Video Project
We will be documenting our first Pengyou Day with a video project. Participants will be asked an interesting question related to US China and their responses will be recorded and compiled into a short video. Be on the lookout for our camera crew and don’t be shy and come make an appearance in our video!

Night Event: US China Trivia Game (prizes for winners)
Time: 7pm-9pm
Location: 159 Mulford
Think you know a lot about US and China or want to learn more? Join us for a fun night of Jeopardy style trivia and compete in teams to win some amazing prizes!

We hope that our events will increase our organization’s presence on campus,  and get students thinking about US and China and the meaning of friendship. We hope to see everyone there!

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