STARTUP GRIND BEIJING HOSTS RICHARD ROBINSON (500 Startups, Chinaaccelerator & Serial Tech Entrepreneur)

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  • 24/05/2017
    7:00 pm-9:00 pm

  • MyDreamPlus
    8th Floor, Building A DingHao Building, ZhongGuanCun, HaiDian District, Beijing
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STARTUP GRIND BEIJING HOSTS RICHARD ROBINSON (500 Startups, Chinaaccelerator & Serial Tech Entrepreneur)

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Entrepreneurship: Dealing with FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt)

These days the cult of the entrepreneur has reached a feverish level.  People are leaping into the fray because entrepreneurship is just So. Damn. Sexy.  “Ah yes, it’s the entrepreneur’s life for me and nothing less! Passion! Purpose! Look, Ma – I’m changing the world! I don’t have a boss! Now watch me wear flip flops and a hoodie while confusing a middle-aged banker in a meeting who decides to invest anyway! Every day for the commute to my unspeakably hip office space, I fly bareback on a unicorn while it farts rainbows of glitter!”


Let’s face it. The default setting for a startup is failure and even if it goes well, oftentimes the biggest battle for an entrepreneur is not competition or market forces or even managing staff or investors. The biggest battle can be the one raging inside the entrepreneur’s head. A startup necessarily is doing something that hasn’t been done before and oftentimes by a person who hasn’t ever done anything like it before. After the ideation phase, after the excitement of recruiting the team, after the rush of convincing investors to write that check and after the initial spike in traffic FUD can start to settle in.  Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.


Fear that user growth will stall. Uncertainty that you’ll be able to make payroll if that next round doesn’t close. Doubt that you’re good enough or smart enough or lucky or whatever enough. Or….the company has gone well, but it’s been years already. Hasn’t quite gone well enough. Your energy is waning. The demons start to swirl around your head at night after you’ve woken up to go to the bathroom and you can’t get back to sleep. Then you finally get to sleep, but you don’t bounce out of bed on some mornings like you used to. You were told that starting a startup was going to be a marathon, not a sprint. But *damn* after finishing the marathon then there was an ultramarathon. Then an Ironman. Now another marathon thrown in for good measure. The inner voice used to cheer but now it’s a total &(#$&@(#$&!@*. I mean if that inner voice worked on the team and attended meetings and said out loud the things it thinks it would have been fired.

害怕用户增长会停滞。不确定如果下一轮投资不到位自己是否可以按时支付员工薪酬。怀疑自己是不是足够好、足够聪明、足够聪明、足够…… 或者是:公司发展得很好,但是已经这么多年了,还不够好。你的能量在消逝,晚上怪兽们在你的脑袋里打转,你起夜去卫生间却再也睡不着。等你终于再次入睡,你却没有像往常那个时间起床。有人说创业是一场马拉松,不是短跑比赛。但是可恶的是跑完马拉松还有超长距离马拉松,然后是铁人三项。现在又一场马拉松来了,以前你内心的声音是欢呼雀跃的,现在却是&(#$&@(#$&!@*。如果你内心的声音也是你团队的一员,并且在会上大声说出他所想的,那他应该会被解雇吧。

Richard Robinson is a serial entrepreneur who doesn’t think that these issues are addressed enough. He’ll address issues he’s faced as an entrepreneur and the FUD that he’s seen fellow entrepreneurs face. Richard will address ways to address and minimize the FUD along the way of the entrepreneurial journey.

连续创业家Richard Robinson认为以上这些问题没有得到足够的重视。在本次活动上,Richard会与我们分享那些他作为创业者所面对的问题以及其他的创业者要面对的FUD。同时,Richard也会分享如何解决这些问题,最小化在创业旅程中的FUD。

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