Get Hands-on Technical Skills and Full Time Job Opportunities in China with Pursuit International


After studying abroad, you may have considered returning to China to put your language skills and cultural knowledge to use, but felt overwhelmed and intimidated by how to get started. Pursuit International has reached out to us to share with Pengyous a unique opportunity to make the most of your China experience and knowledge through intensive training, mentorship, and a specialized curriculum.

They strive to reduce the anxiety of job-searching by helping you develop a competitive skillset that will allow you to land a job you care about. The program is designed to give those who have already studies in China technical skills and a competitive edge.

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How it Works

  1. Apply: apply to the Pursuit Intensive Training
  2. Train: receive professional training from our corporate partners
  3. Evaluate: be evaluated on your skill set and cultural competence
  4. Secure a Job: land an internship/full time position in an international firm in China


4-6 Week Pursuit Training (over the weekend)

  1. Professional Training: Receive specialized training from our corporate partners and develop your professional and management skills
  2. Spotlight Events: Attend intensive, in-person training in the form of simulations, case studies, competitions, guest lectures, and panel discussions
  3. International Business Project: Apply your skills in a real life, business project with a team of both local Chinese and international students. Learn how to run an international business.
  4. 1:1 Mentoring/Coaching: Uncover your passions and strengths with our mentors and develop your own personalized career path.



Students have to be available to attend all trainings, which will be conducted throughout 6 weekends from Nov. 26-Dec. 30.

  • Age 18-24
  • Currently resides in Beijing
  • Conversant in English
  • We accept all nationalities and majors
  • No previous cross-cultural experience or Chinese language skills necessary
  • Should have an interest in learning more about Chinese culture and society


Interested in Joining?


Please contact Leslie Dong at and ask for an application or visit us at Applications are due November 18th , 2016 at 11:59pm CST.

About Pursuit International

Pursuit China empowers and equips promising youth from all over China and the world with the tools to lead and thrive in the face of an increasingly complex and globalized China.
Formerly known as Global Student Initiative (GSI), Pursuit China was founded in 2014 and was inspired by the concept of the “China Dream.” Recognizing the sweeping change and impact that China can bring to the rest of the world, we are an international enterprise that is transforming the career paths and life trajectories of university students that pursue an international career in China. Partnering with a multitude of prestigious universities, businesses, and educational foundations, we have developed a powerful new generation of rising leaders – that drive global change by starting at the heart of China.