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by Tammy in Lanzhou University Cuiying Honors College on April 22nd, 2015   530 views

Currently Project Pengyou is working on a project regarding improving both academic and career advising services for international students(currently for Chinese students) on UW-Madison campus.


As an international student, have you ever feel helpless or frustrated by the advising services on campus? Not because that they are bad, but because your needs and expectations are not met. How can I have a smooth transition from Chinese classroom culture to American classroom culture? Which major should I consider regarding my unique background? Where should I go to work after graduation? Can someone really truly help me with CPT and OPT?

If you have or once had these confusions, we are here to help.

So far we have been able to work with office of undergraduate advising and several advisors to finalize a conference that will be happening late April.

The conference will include approximately 10 Chinese students and 20 staffs from academic and career advising offices, ISS, Center for First Year Experience, and other offices related to International students’ advising. During the conference, students will be able to share their experiences, voice their opinions and propose possible solutions to problems that they are facing with advising services.

We are currently recruiting interested Chinese undergraduate students who would like to share their thoughts and make services on campus better for themselves and for the international student group.

If you are interested, and apparently I hope you do, please contact Anne ASAP for further details via email:, or WeChat: xxlv9052, or Facebook page Yueran Lu.

Let’s work together, as Pengyou朋友 and fellow badgers, to make this campus a better place for everyone who cares.

Please help us spread the message!


On Wisconsin!

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