How Has China Changed You? | China Hang-up

Foreigner doing Taichi

The image of Chinese who live in Western countries is that, over time, they become more open-minded and critical of their own country. But what happens to the outlook of foreigners after a long sojourn in China?

This is the question Global Times recently put forth to its readers in a writing contest. As one might imagine, the finalists all painted a very rosy picture of how China had changed them. For today’s episode, we thought we’d try to give a more rounded answer. On loan to us from the Sinica Podcast is one of the longest-term expats we know: Kaiser Kuo. Together we explore how—for better or worse—China has changed us.

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Global Times – How Has China Changed You?
Helen Gao (New York Times) – Back in China, Watching My Words
Damien Ma and William Adams – In Line Behind a Billion People
Bill Bryson – One Summer: America, 1927

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