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The Global Environmental Institute (GEI) is a leading Chinese non-governmental organization (NGO) established in Beijing in 2004. We are currently looking to recruit 2 Communications Officers – 1 native English speaker and 1 native Chinese speaker – to join our existing team in Beijing.


Job Description


The Global Environmental Institute (GEI) is a leading Chinese non-governmental organization (NGO) established in Beijing in 2004. GEI’s mission is to design and implement market-based models to solve environmental problems and realize sustainable development in China and overseas. Our programs cover Energy & Climate Change, Biodiversity Protection, Capacity Building, and Investment, Trade & the Environment. For more information please visit our website:

We are currently looking to recruit  2 Communications Officers – 1 native English speaker and 1 native Chinese speaker – to join our existing team in Beijing.

This is an excellent opportunity to join a leading Chinese environmental organization at a time of exciting change and progress, as China looks to balance economic development with environmental protection.


Location: Beijing, China


•   编制GEI中英文宣传材料,如机构介绍、年度报告、新闻及新闻简报、项目介绍等;

•   GEI中英文网站的维护与更新;

•   各种新媒体的运用、维护与更新,如微博、微信等;

•   图片、视频的处理、编辑;

•   GEI媒体和公共关系的维护,如与媒体的日常联络、安排媒体的采访、参加会议、接待其他机构的来访,帮助GEI与政府、媒体、其他机构建立良好的关系;

•   策划、组织GEI的各类推广活动;

•   组织或协助筹款及捐助活动;

•   其他工作。


•   认同GEI的理念,遵循GEI的宗旨;

•   本科或以上学历,英语、新闻专业优先考虑;

•   至少两年在媒体或相关部门的工作经验,出色的写作能力;

•    具备图片、视频处理、网页编辑能力者优先考虑;

•   中英文语言水平俱佳;

•   优秀的沟通能力、团队合作精神;

•   对环境问题、NGO的工作感兴趣。


Major Responsibilities:

•   Work as part of the communications team to produce communications material including GEIh aannual report, project reports, newsletters, press releases, etc. The native English speaker will be responsible for writing/translating/proofreading all English language communications material.

•   Work with GEI’s dedicated program teams to design new projects and develop proposals to secure funding.

•   Update, maintain and expand GEI’G social media such as facebook, twitter, etc.

•   Build and maintain good relationships with peer organizations, donor institutions, government agencies, etc. Represent GEI at conferences and industry events (potential for travel in China and overseas).

•   Organize communications events.

•   Fulfill other tasks required of the communications team.


•   Bachelor’s degree or above.

•   Must be a native English speaker. Ability to communicate in Chinese is also required (fluency in Chinese considered a plus).

•   2+ years of related work experience (required to obtain a working visa, which will be provided after completion of a successful probation period).

•   Excellent cross-culture communication skills and writing ability.

•   Interested in environmental issues and NGO work.

•   Ability to work independently and in a team environment.

•   Good computer skills, ability to process photos and edit HTML pages considered a plus.

•   Reliable and well-organized, with high attention to detail.

请于6月30日前将中英文的求职信、简历和一篇独立完成的中、英文新闻或相关文章发送至 (请将#替换为@),并在求职信中注明您的期望薪金及入职日期。通过首轮简历筛选者,我们将在7月中旬安排面试。如7月20日尚未接到面试通知可视为落选。

How to Apply

Interested applicants should email their CV, covering letter and a writing sample in their native language to (please replace # with @). Please indicate your availability and salary expectations in your application. The deadline for submitting applications is June 30th and suitable candidates will be invited for interview in early July.

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