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China Policy is a globally recognised policy analysis and strategic advisory firm headquartered in Beijing. We build client knowledge and provide tools to map, analyse and respond to China’s changing domestic policy and market environments.


Job Description

We are currently seeking a full time analyst to work in our energy, environment and industry portfolio. This position is well-suited to candidates with strong interest in gaining deeper insight on China’s energy, environment and industrial sector operations and development, and interacting with clients. The position requires strong research skills, attention to detail and ability to draft in clear English.

energy, environment and industry portfolio introduction

The energy, environment and industry portfolio closely monitors and maps the changing industrial landscape as China climbs up the value chain, upgrading its old industries and moving into new ones. Portfolio analysts track policy changes, industry dynamics and the business environment for both domestic and foreign investment. Topics the portfolio watches closely include, but are not limited to: macro-economic trends, supply-side structural reform (especially de-capacity), SOE reform, traditional industry upgrading, environmental policies and their impacts on industries, power sector reform, oil and gas sector reform, renewable energy development, etc.


  • track and analyse policy movements across energy and environment sectors, including but not limited to air, solid waste, marine and water pollution, climate change, oil, gas and renewable energy

  • summarise and translate policy-relevant articles from Chinese to English

  • draft analysis and present findings

  • support lead analyst

  • keep abreast of domestic debates, events, trends, and key actors or agencies

knowledge and skills

  • native-level Chinese and professional standard English

  • knowledge of China’s energy and environment sectors and policy environment

  • eye for detail and clear communicator

  • curiosity-driven and eager to learn

  • ability to deliver work to tight deadlines

  • flexible and able to take initiative, willingness to work overtime

minimum English language requirements
TOEFL 25 writing, overall score 105+; IELTS 7.0 writing, overall score 7.5+

How to Apply

Please apply via our website http://policycn.com/careers/ where you will find an application exercise.

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