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CSOFT International is looking for a native English speaker with strong editing skills to work with a team of translators and editors on materials for international audiences. This position is an opportunity to better understand translation and content creation, exercise your Chinese reading skills, and see firsthand how Chinese tech companies are working to expand internationally. Strong performance on this project will qualify you for further editing and writing opportunities with the CSOFT team.
The position is based in Bantian, Shenzhen.


Job Description



Primary Responsibilities:

  • Edit content such as speeches, training materials, and internal notices that have been translated from Chinese to English. This involves ensuring standard grammar and mechanics, cultural appropriateness, clarity, and consistency with the client’s intended message.
  • Explain your editing recommendations logically and clearly as needed.
  • Respond flexibly to requests from translators and managers.
  • Maintain a professional, positive, and culturally sensitive approach to tight deadlines and challenging requirements.
  • Contribute to team development by sharing your experience in discussions and trainings.


Required Skills/Experience:

  • Native proficiency in English
  • Strong understanding of standard writing rules and best practices
  • Bachelor’s degree in a field related to language
  • Intermediate Chinese reading skills
  • Experience related to editing, writing, translation, marketing, etc.
  • Ability to research and quickly grasp the basics of unfamiliar topics

Preferred Skills/Experience:

  • Experience working in a Chinese company
  • ICT industry knowledge


Employment will begin in April 2019. 


If you are interested in further information send your CV and cover letter to Charlie Edmonds at

To learn more about CSOFT, our business, vision, people, and available opportunities, please visit our website at

How to Apply

Send CV to

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