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Project Pengyou intern, Shani Cave, speaks with representatives from Lingo Bus, a fun new Chinese learning platform for kids.

"Hello panda in Chengdu!" - Lee and Waln sing on screen
“Hello panda in Chengdu!” – Lee and Waln sing on screen

“Hēisè de yǎn, báisè de liǎn, hēisè báisè de dà xióngmāo!” Product Design Manager Lizhi Liao (Lee) and Marketing Director Nick Waln sing in front of a green-screen displaying a cartoon panda while rubbing their bellies. “Learn Chinese Songs for Kids! Chengdu” is one of many videos the duo stars in and produces for Lingo Bus Chinese, an online Mandarin-learning platform for children ages 5-12. Branded as Real Chinese, Real Fun, Lingo Bus not only produces funny music videos teaching basic phrases in Mandarin, they also offer 1-on-1 online Mandarin lessons from experienced and trained teaching professionals.

The curriculum is based on fostering communication, connections, communities, comparison, and cultures (5Cs). Lessons are taught using a full immersion method and can be customized based on language level and age. With a goal of becoming the largest Mandarin study platform for young people, Lingo Bus’s full immersion method drives its mission to provide authentic cultural exchange alongside language learning. Waln says “Language carries a lot of culture with it, and we try to instill this throughout our curriculum as well. It’s a way that both cultures can learn about each other.”

Image Credit: Lingo Bus
Real Chinese, Real Fun is Lingo Bus’s motto

Not only is Lingo Bus different from other online Mandarin-teaching platforms in using a full-immersion method, they are also one of the only ones to provide high-quality content and services for children. Three months of testing and experimentation were implemented before the website officially launched in early June. The team’s hard work can be seen through the overwhelmingly positive feedback from parents, posted as testimonials on their site. Lee cites his favorite part of the job as “seeing the kids so happy to be part of our class and how much parents like our platform.”

A program like Lingo Bus offers children a chance to have a nuanced understanding of another country’s language and culture early in their lives. We are proud of Lingo Bus’s efforts to create passionate pengyous for the future and for the benefit of the international community.

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