Pengyous Try Learning Chinese with yoliMandarin

Project Pengyou intern Melodie takes you through her experience learning Chinese with the innovative yoliMandarin WeChat platform. 

Are you tired of memorizing Chinese flash cards and looking up Chinese phrases in a dictionary? Do you want to practice your speaking skills with a real Chinese native speaker? There is a plethora of Chinese language learning apps out there that all aim to help increase your Chinese language skills, but yoliMandarin offers a new and exciting method of learning through conversations with real Chinese native speakers!

I took three short classes with yoliMandarin; each lesson is 15 minutes long, and you communicate with your Chinese teacher via WeChat messages and voice messages, so you can practice speaking and listening quite easily. The platform offers different classes based on whatever subject material you are interested in, and difficulty levels you can select from. After the lesson, you can rate the teacher and receive a PDF of key vocabulary and phrases about the lesson.

Different courses and subjects you can choose from

I started with a trial class where they paired me with Helen 老师, and I introduced myself to her. After a brief conversation over WeChat, she sent me a short PDF file of phrases that our conversation centered around. After my trial class, I selected two more classes: one on health and sports, and one on dealing with stressful situations.

The two fifteen minute classes flew by quickly, and I had engaging conversations with my teachers over WeChat. They corrected some of my phrases, gave me tips on certain grammar points, and offered constructive comments on the logical flow of my thoughts. After the lessons ended, I rated my teachers in exchange for my score report, and I got a handy PDF with some phrases that I could use in the future when talking about these specific subjects.


Starting my first class! This is a typical intermediate class.
My score report from the teacher after finishing my class.





















My fellow foreign friends learning Chinese always complain that they rarely get a chance to practice their Mandarin speaking skills around town since local Chinese folks are usually very excited to practice English or another foreign language with them. This platform is great for people who already have Chinese experience and want to brush up on their Chinese speaking and listening skills to keep them sharp. It’s a quick and easy way to engage in a conversation topic with a native speaker, and learn some useful tips with Chinese language phrasing. Check out yoliMandarin now on WeChat with this QR code below!




YoliMandarin is a WeChat Chinese Mandarin class platform. Scan the QR code to try a 15 minute trial class!