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Chang Liu

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Shanghai, Shanghai


["Chang","Liu"," ","Assistant Researcher Intern at China Energy Fund Committee","Shanghai","Management Consulting Services","China","I entered Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS) to start my M.A. programme at September 2011. I studied at Johns Hopkins University u2013 Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies (HNC) as a certificate student from September 2012 to June 2013. Now I have come back to Shanghai to conclude my M.A. programme and will graduate from SIIS at March, 2014. My major is international politics and relations, and my research focuses on Sino-U.S. relations, international strategy, East Asian politics and regionalism. I am fluent in English speaking and writing, and has rich experience in studying and working with foreigners. You can find me at my Sina Weibo (Microblog), or my personal online interview see two ways to realize my objective. First, I may apply for a job in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and become a diplomat. Second, I may become a scholar in a famous university or think-tank in the future. No matter which way I may finally adopt, I believe my education background of international relations and political science makes me easier to understand the importance of international communication. My skilled English ability and confidence is another advantage for international exchanging. The experience of mine as a certificate student of HNC for a whole year proves that I possess outstanding ability and rich experience in combining ideas and thinking of people from different cultural backgrounds very well.nnIn sum, I am a graduate student who is working hard to realize my career objective. As a young student, I know the road of pursuing my goals in my life will not be easy, but I will continue my effort and keep going as far as I can. I will follow my heart and stay foolish and hungry to realize my dreams in my life."]


["Hopkinsu2013Nanjing Center u2013 SAIS China"]


["Nanning No.2 High School"]


["Johns Hopkins-Nanjing Center","Shanghai Institute for International Studies","Shandong University"]


["D.C.","Jinan, Shandong","Nanjing, Jiangsu ","shanghai"]


["Bureau of China and ASEAN Expo","Intern","u2022t Served as secretary and assisted leaders with daily work and weekly meetingsnu2022t Drafted working papers, translated foreign news and documentsnu2022t Participated in planning, organizing and conducting several exhibitions","Xingmei Film Co.Ltd","Intern in the HR department","u2022t Assisted department manager with daily work and interviewing employeesnu2022t Managed and coordinated the weekly shift work of different groups of employeesnu2022t Examined the work of movie projection occasionally","Shanghai Institutes for International Studies","M.A. Student","I entered Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS) at September, 2011 as a graduate student and studies international relations. My research directions are the Sino-U.S. Relations, China's Diplomatic Strategy, International Security, East Asian Politics and Regionalism. Established at 1960, SIIS is one of the most famous research institutes focuses on international studies in China, and one of the top 10 think-tanks in the world. I am now studying at the Johns Hopkins University – Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies (HNC) at Nanjing as a certificate student, and I will go back to SIIS to finish my M.A. program after I graduates from the HNC at June, 2013.","Shanghai Public Diplomacy Association","Assistant Researcher Intern","` Searching and translating news of Chinese diplomacy and foreign affairs weekly,n` Doing research on Chinese foreign policy,n` Drafting reports on China's foreign relations","United Nations Association of China","Intern student","u2022t Prepared daily documents for the UNAnu2022t Contacted with UN agencies to China in Beijing and some universities in both Beijing and other cities for activities and eventsnu2022t Acted as a volunteer in some meetings, social events and programs held by the UNA alone or with other agencies or organizations","Johns Hopkins – Nanjing Center","Certificate Student","Since the working relations between Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS) and the Johns Hopkins University – Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies (HNC) are very good, I entered the HNC as a certificate student at September, 2012 for a year. The HNC is the oldest transnational education institute between China and the United States since it was set up at early 1980s, and it really contributed a lot in deepening mutual trust and forming friendship in the bilateral relations between China and America. There are 4 major dimensions of courseworks in the HNC, Politics, Economies, Laws, and Chinese – American Studies. Students from China and several countries (mainly from the United States, and some from other countries like Australia, Canada, South Korea, etc.) can choose different courses of different dimensions to study. I think this kind of education model can broader student's international views as "complex" talents.nnIn Apr. 2013, I attended the Beijing Career Trek organized by the HNC with some of my classmates, Chinese and international, and visited several outstanding companies, institutes and NGOs, including the Gates Foundation in China, Price and Cao Law Office, China Greenpeace, U.S. Embassy Department of Commerce, Pearson in China, and U.S.-China Business Council. This Trek really widened my horizon in the career field since I communicated with so many marvelous alumni of HNC and SAIS face to face and learned so much valuable working experience from them. This Trek will remain as a treasure of my career in the coming future.","China Energy Fund Committee (Shanghai)","Assistant Researcher Intern","` Assists researchers and specialists in CEFC for energy, foreign policy, economic, culture, and security affairs;n` Translates English and Chinese stuff and materials for CEFC;n` Organizes meetings, conferences, events for CEFC and its cooperation partners."]

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