• bgeoxavier posted an update 6 years, 5 months ago

    Job Posting for those who are interested (First posted in a google group blast): IDEO Shanghai is currently on the hunt for part-time freelance graphic designers who are available to work with us on quick (but fun) short term projects in the IDEO studio.

    We often work with freelancers to help us visualize our ideas, whether they’re in graphic design, video or even physical space form.

    At the moment, we’ve got a bunch of projects we could use kickass visual design on and not enough kickass visual designers hanging around.

    What we need: Graphic/publication designers with Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign expertise. Print experience is a plus. Keynote kung fu is a plus-plus. We have different types of design projects, from presentation decks, posters, illustration and packaging design across all kinds of clients and content. If you are such a wizard, or know of such wizards, please let us know!

    When we need you: We’ve got a lot of needs coming up through November. Right now, these are the dates when we’d like to have someone join us, please little “r” me if you are interested and we’ll fill you in on the details:

    Presentation design

    Packaging design

    Book design
    11/4-11/8 (Chinese)

    What to send: Please send any portfolios, contacts, and delightful anecdotes to me at gperez@ideo.com. Be advised, we are a selective bunch, and we’re looking for The Best Around (If you don’t get that reference, then you must watch this now.) You’ve got standards, right? We do, too. But we’re always up to meet new folks to work with!

    Let me know if you’d like to be on our weekly IDEO CommsGigs email list and I’ll gladly add you to our monthly blast.

    Looking forward to hearing from you! = g.

    Giant disclaimer: We do a lot of confidential, internal communications design. Most of the work you will be doing is hush hush and sensitive and you will be asked to sign an NDA. Meaning, you can’t post the work up on your portfolio until everyone says it’s cool. So, if you’re good with that, raise your hand!

    Also: It’s pretty fun to work here 🙂