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Eric Smith

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["Eric","Smith","u6c88u5b89u745e"," North Carolina native, by way of Beijing, advancing the future of energy in Houston","Houston, TX","Energy and Utilities","United States","Grew up loving history and technology and anything else that sparked my interests. That broad base led me to a liberal arts college where I continued to broaden my interests (not what you're supposed to do in college). I flirted with learning Chinese but quickly decided it wasn't for me. Graduated went into finance and after a year in that decided I wanted a change. A bunch of my friends had lived in China so I decided to take the plunge. Went through 8 months of Chinese classes in and out of China (the last 5 months were intensive in Beijing 1-on-1 for 5 hours a day). After getting at least a little language under my belt started working with factories which allowed me to travel from far North Heilongjiang, down to Guangdong, and all the way to far Xinjiang. After almost 4 years in China I decided to come back to the US to work in the Energy industry using skills I built on many of the projects I worked on in China."]


["Grimsley High School"]


["Davidson College"]


["Houston, TX","Beijing"]


["Square 1 Bank","Analyst","Worked as an analyst for venture capital-backed companies. ","Financial Services","Disnop Nordic China (China Ease)","Procurement and Development Consultant","Worked with numerous factories across China bringing factories up to European quality standards for HSE as well as quality improvement processes. Based in Beijing but traveled across the country during 75% of my time with the company.","Manufacturing – Other","Cimation","Technology Consultant","Help guide owners across the energy industry from upstream to mid and downstream to increase the quality of their technology in order to increase efficiencies as well as improve field performance and safety.","Energy and Utilities"]

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