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Mack Lorden

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Current City

Columbus, OH


["Mack","Lorden","u7f57u54f2u660e","M.A. student- The Ohio State University Chinese Flagship Program","Columbus, OH","Business Services – Other","United States","Hello! My name is Mack and I am currently in grad school pursuing a master's degree in Chinese. I find Chinese language, culture, and people all very interesting, and through the course of the past few years, I have changed my career to include these elements. I plan to bring more Chinese culture to American shores using various business principles, and thus, foster a greater mutual understanding between our two great nations."]


["Critical Language Scholarship Program","","Freeman Asia ","AIESEC","Project Pengyou Leadership Fellows"]


["Covington Catholic High School"]


["The Ohio State University ","The Ohio State University ","CLS '13"]


["Qingdao, Shandong","Columbus, OH"]


["Verbling","English Teacher","Taught English to 10 or more students from across the globe via the Google Hangout platform.","Border Energy, Inc.","Sales Representative","Door to door sales. I sold discounted electricity bills through Ohio's deregulation of energy and really learned how to interact with people on this job.","Columbus Council on World Affairs","Communications Intern","Helped organize, promote, and execute global events in Columbus, Ohio. I gained a great deal of writing experience, especially within the context of social media and public platforms.","Nonprofit Charitable Organizations","Mondokio ","Translator","I was the lead translator for all Chinese publications. Based on the topic of the day, I would seek out the corresponding Chinese article and translate it into English to be taught to high school students. I translated major news articles three times a week as part of the high school class's curriculum to instill a deeper understanding of today's globalizing world.","Media and Journalism"]

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