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Ezinne Meremikwu

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Current City

Beijing, China


["Ezinne","Meremikwu","u6bdbu6069u6148","Undergraduate Student Studying Abroad in China at Beijing Normal University and Peking University","Beijing, China ","Other/Not Classified","United States","Choosing to study abroad in China with UCEAP Beijing, I am continuing to understand more about my identity as a African-American due to the people and interactions I have had in this program, and I am learning about the kind of impact I want to have in US-China relations as an African-American. "]


["University of California Education Abroad Program"]


["Chaminade College Preparatory "]


["University of California – Santa Barbara"]


["Beijing, China ","Los Angeles, CA"]


["TotalCare Pharmacy t ","Customer Service Representative:","Started as a volunteer but shortly transitioned to paid, due to commitment, effort and success. Highly fulfilled, at above expectation, the task of earning the confidence of pharmacy walk-ins and phone contacts to transfer their medications to this pharmacy. Increased the efficiency of pick-ups for Will-Call prescriptions, directly affecting pharmacyu2019s bottom line since reversal and subsequent refund of already collected payments was dramatically decreased. n","Retail","CALPIRG 10/2014 – 6/2016","Several Positions. Please see teh Brief Description box below.","Secretary of the UC CALPIRG Executive Board(5/2015 – 3/2016): Increased communication between all UC CALPIRG Chapters by examining, analyzing and debriefing about each otheru2019s victories and nonsuccesses. Responsibilities included: voting on the priorities and projects for the year, hiring professional staff and allocating student funding. / Member at Large of the UCSB Chapter Board/ Against Citizens United Coordinator (5/2015 – 3/2016): A voting member on UCSB CALPIRGu2019s priorities. / Against Citizens United Coordinator (5/2015 – 6/2016): Strategized and executed a proposal to pass a resolution through Santa Barbara City Council that will publicly disclose the city of Santa Barbara is opposed to Citizens United. This plan was accepted and will be implemented by November of 2016. Organized and trained my team on positions for this campaign, such as an event coordinator. / Creative Director of CALPIRGu2019s Santa Barbara Go Solar Campaign (10/2014 – 5/2015) Completed the CALPIRGu2019s Santa Barbara Go Solar Facebook Page and worked to facilitate on-campus discussions about CALPIRGu2019s Solar Campaign via the site.","Nonprofit Charitable Organizations","Legislative District Office of Assembly Member Das Williams ","Intern","Transcribed California policy legislation into layman terms to reply to constituentsu2019 emails or letters to the Assembly Member about their support or opposition of a bill. Responsibilities included: organizing scheduling requests for the Assembly Member and Staff, handling constituent casework which involves, answering any of the constituentu2019s questions, whether in person, email, or on phone; creating requested award certificates and welcome letters. n","Government and Military","University of California Santa Barbara Davidson Library t t ","Circulation Desk Student Employee","Served patrons of UCSB and the Santa Barbara Community. Tasks include: welcoming patrons to the library, checking in and checking out booksnto patrons, answering patronu2019s question.n","Education"]

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