Mike Bloomberg Sees Opportunity in Climate Change for US-China Relations.


A recent Op-ed published by former New York City Mayor, Mike Bloomberg, titled Climate Change is Both a Challenge and an Opportunity looks for the silver lining in China’s current environmental crisis.

He claims that previous climate talks and resolutions between the US and China have demonstrated a mutual commitment on both sides to environmental sustainability and better quality of life. Its no secret that the rate of urbanization and economic growth in China has put a major strain on the environment and millions of Chinese citizens, but Bloomberg asserts that Chinese officials are making strides towards modernization in a sustainable way. He writes:

“As access to global financial markets and the latest technology improves, China and other emerging economies have an opportunity to leapfrog over 20th century energy systems and adopt more modern and cleaner forms of production.  China’s recent decision to solicit investors for public private partnerships focused on green infrastructure is a promising new development. A recent report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance shows that growth in China’s clean energy market is up 15% over last year, and it will continue to grow as China expands its clean energy ambitions.”

With President Xi Jinping’s upcoming visit to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City right around the corner, it is heartening to see an American leader’s optimism and willingness to collaborate.

If we can see opportunities in challenges as pressing and difficult as environmental issues, what other areas in our bilateral relationship might we be able to find opportunity? Leave a comment and tell us what challenges you see as opportunities in US-China relations.

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