Only Surviving Panda Triplets Alive and Well

Photo © AFP

Pandas: the national animal of China, undeniably adorable and nearly extinct. Which makes it all the more surprising that a set of triplets were born in the early hours of July 29.

The triplets are the only known trio to survive in world, though, with the species’ high infant mortality rate, one official cautioned, “We can only say they are surviving once they reach six months.”

Last month, the three cubs, who have yet to be named, passed the 100-day milestone in Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou and are well on their way to a healthy infancy. The cubs, one female and one male, weigh six kilograms (13 pounds) each.

Chimelong Safari Park has opened the pandas’ enclosure to the public, though only 1,000 visitors are allowed each day. If you love pandas, be sure to plan your trip accordingly. But if this impossibly cute trio cannot satisfy your desire for pandas, consider a trip to Chengdu Panda Base in Sichuan.