OPPORTUNITY: Be a Judge for a National Debate Championship in Beijing this August!


Project Pengyou was invited to share this opportunity to serve as a judge for the Championship event of the National High School Debate League of China. Successful applicants will receive meals and a 600 RMB stipend each day as well as chance to see Chinese debate students in action!

Read on below for more details and to see how to apply:


The National High School Debate League of China offers a rare opportunity to Chinese High School students to think critically and creatively about some of the most important issues of our time. This August, the National Championship will be taking place at Beijing Sports University on August 6th-7th and we are calling all enthusiastic and intelligent English speaking Pengyous to be judges for the event.

At a previous NHSDLC event.

This event will feature over 400 students, selected from the best of the best in their region.

Judges will preside over debates between groups of four students, determining winners based on objective consideration of their arguments, and give written feedback for suggestions to improve.

No prior experience of competitive debating is necessary. Judge training will be provided before the tournament; most important is an inquisitive attitude and a passion for helping students improve.

Pengyous who have participated as judges before have found the experience thought provoking and rewarding. Those applicants who are accepted will also be provided with lunch, snacks, and a 600 RMB stipend for the day. Don’t miss out on this chance to engage in a special type of intellectual exchange taking place in Chinese high schools!


For a chance to see sparks fly in a Chinese classroom, please email John.Harper@NHSDLC.cn for further details.


About the NHSDLC

NHSDLCThe National High School Debate League of China (NHSDLC) is a Beijing-based organization dedicated to promoting critical thinking, creativity, self-expression, and awareness of key social and political issues in Mainland China by hosting English Language debate competitions and trainings across the country. We have regional tournaments in over 35 cities and have provided free debating coaching to over 400 schools, and roughly 10,000 students. To learn more about us, either go to our English or Chinese websites.