SERIES: Pengyous of Beijing – Snapshots of Beijing, Xi’An and Shanghai

Shanghai, China

“I come here to stretch as much as I can. People are usually pretty surprised that I am able to stretch like this at my age. I tell them it just takes a little practice.”


Summer Palace, Beijing, China

“How did you guys meet?”
“We are both study abroad students at Peking University and we have been roommates since the fall.”
“Describe your friendship.”
“He’s my roommate and, I guess, my translator. Whenever we go out everyone thinks he’s my translator even when I’m speaking Chinese. He hates it.”


Xi’an, China

“Can I try?”
“Yes, come up here!”
“You need to use your wrists and not so much of your arms.”
“How did I do?”
“Uhhh…let me show you how to do it again.”