Pengyous Pay it Forward in the Year of the Pig!

pifocny 2017

Paying it Forward:

From February 4th to 8th Project Pengyou Chapters across the nation will celebrate Chinese New Year by Paying-it-Forward (PIFOCNY for short). They will “adopt a school” in their community to visit and inspire kids to learn about China and the importance of global citizenship. We hope that through teaching kids to discover and appreciate other cultures from a young age, it will build the foundation for them to approach not just U.S.-China relations, but anyone who is different from them, with empathy and respect.

Read below to see how you can get involved:

Ways to Get Involved:

  1. Send a message to to see if your community has a Project Pengyou Chapter to volunteer.
  2. Host your own activity and invite others to learn about Chinese New Year.
  3. Share your photos online, and don’t forget to use #projectpengyou #payitforward #PIFOCNY (you can also print our special edition Year of the Pig sticker!)

Teaching children about other cultures constructively is one of the best ways to start building a more compassionate and inclusive world. Click here to see fun photos from last year’s PIFOCNY!