Project Pengyou UW Madison Chapter Awarded Runner-Up for Best New Student Org at their School!


Team Pengyou is glowing with pride for our Chapter at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, who was recently awarded the title of Runner-Up at their University’s “Bucky Awards”! The Project Pengyou UW Madison Chapter has racked up quite an impressive semester of accomplishments, with a significant show of support during our inaugural Pengyou Day, several successful events and even hosting a seminar course on intercultural dialogue run by students and Pengyoumen at their school!

UW Madison Chapter
UW Madison Chapter on Chinese New Year!

Leadership Fellow Tammy Tian reflects on the amazing progress over the year:

“It’s hard to believe that we have just begun. It’s been half a year and already we are seeing change taking place on campus. We’ve run into bumps. We’ve gotten stuck. We’ve dropped some ideas. But we adjust, learn and adapt quickly. We’re seeing new avenues opening for and deepening our exchange with China. I think professors also feel a bit of fresh air from the spirit Project Pengyou brings to campus. I believe in us. We have big dreams. We are not afraid to take on challenges those dreams demand.


Other members of the UW Madison Chapter feel that they’ve found a home on campus through Project Pengyou. Yueran Lu, one of the Madison Chapter executive board members said: “Since coming to the states, being a part of Project Pengyou is the first time that the U.S. feels like a home to me. Here at Pengyou I can be my true self with others who continuously listen to, encourage, and inspire me. I am very lucky that I met these wonderful people.”

The Chapter team has big plans next year to build their presence in the Madison community through outreach to local high schools. They also plan to build a career service catered to American and international students to prepare them for our increasingly globalized world.

Great job Madison Pengyous! We’re so happy to see your efforts being recognized, and we look forward to the big things you have in store for the future!