SERIES: Pengyous of Beijing

Subway Line 10, Beijing, China

I saw a woman on the subway watching Japanese music videos on her iPad and decided to strike up a conversation:

“你好, do you like Japan?”

“Yes! I love J-pop so I started studying Japanese, and I want to improve my language skills.”

The man sitting next to her chimed in:

“I want to improve my Chinese! We just exchanged WeChats, I hope we can learn from each other.”


Zhongguanyuan Courtyard, Beijing, China

I (Kim) was exercising in the Zhongguan Courtyard in Beijing when this little kid kept circling his bike around me. After orbiting me several times, he stopped to ask if I wanted to ride his bike. I got on, and he pushed me as fast as his little legs could run. Bystanders started chanting, “加油, 加油!”, a Chinese cheer which means “add oil!”

Shortly after he took off his cap, wiped off his forehead and said:

 “I’m tired… this is not as fun as I thought it would be!”


Zhongguanyuan Courtyard, Beijing, China

“Do you guys play here often?”

“No, actually I was just on my way home from the convenience store. I saw him playing, so I challenged him to a few games, but it didn’t work out as well as I thought…he’s way too good.”