The China Reality Project: Not For Your Grandmother

At “Pioneer Journeys,” Project Pengyou’s Beijing launch, we set up some fun “Quests” for our guests to complete. One of our featured Quests was the China Reality Project.

In this activity, people were asked to complete two simple sentences:

CHINA IS _______.

CHINA ISN’T _______.

The goal of the China Reality Project is to debunk misconceptions about China, one person at a time. Everyone has an opinion on this country, but we asked those that have lived, studied and worked here to tell us, in their own words, what China is and what China isn’t. Though nothing can fully capture the essence of a country, we hope by putting enough pieces together, we can get a clearer sense of what China means to the people who have lived here.

Check out some of the great answers on our Facebook Page!

Want to join the China Reality Project? Share your response to what “China is / China isn’t” in the comments section below!