Welcome! 欢迎!

This is the beginning of a blog that will track the unfolding of Project Pengyou’s journey.

Project Pengyou was founded on the principal that the United States and China hold the world’s most important bilateral relationship. We believe that Americans who have lived and studied in China are our most important asset in capturing the economic, educational and social value of US-China relations. We believe that each and every one of you can – and should – play an important role in helping to pioneer a more functional and peaceful shared future.

This blog will focus on amazing people and projects. We are in search of dynamic Americans working on projects that engage with China. Through this platform, we seek to highlight excellence, inspire solutions and enable more productive endeavors.

Project Pengyou is also about community. We aim to build connections, enrich lives and strengthen our collective capacities towards a bigger mission. We seek to be an organization that perpetuates friendships, hope, passion, altruism, respect, dignity, laughter, compassion, empathy, innovation, and reinvention.

We need to reimagine and reinvent the world we want to live in. We hope that you will join our journey!