Your Guide to Celebrating American Independence Day in China


Find yourself in Beijing on the 4th of July weekend? Resist the urge to look at your Facebook feed flooded with pictures of your friends and family waving American flags and watching fireworks on the beach. Even though you’re thousands of miles from home, don’t fret; Team Pengyou has got you covered. Here are some ideas to bring a bit of ‘Murica to China.

beijing bikini
A fine example of the Beijing bikini.

1. Keep Cool

Looking to grab a cold drink with friends? Head to the Slow Boat Brewery Taproom for the 4th of July Hutong BBQ, DVD, and Book Swap or hit up Jing-A Brewing for the Beijing Bikini Cookout. Not to mention, Jing-A Brewing’s Watermelon Eating Challenge is the perfect chance to sculpt that Beijing bikini bod.

2. Get Groovy

A fan of live music? Listen to Beijing Pop/Rock band, Stevie Mac & The Mac Daddies, jam out at 4corners or jive to blues and rock with Jo & The Hot Water Band at Home Plate Bar-B-Que.

 3. Soak Up Some Sun

Want to take advantage of the nice summer weather? Camping and picnics are a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. Head outdoors and hike your favorite part of the Great Wall. Quick tip, there’s free beer at The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu. Or check out less-known hidden wonders, like the Purple Bamboo Park (disclaimer: the bamboo isn’t actually purple) or the Temple of Earth Park (definitely less crowded than its more-famous, but more mainstream, cousin, the Temple of Heaven Park).

beer4. Invite your Friends

Feeling a bit more like a home-bod instead of showing off your Beijing bikini bod? Throw your own party! Make some red, white, and blue jello shots, get some America-themed music playing, and invite everyone from your expat buds to friendly neighbors to your favorite ice-cream stand man. You could even grab/rent a friend’s grill and get some chuanr going to put a Chinese spin on grilling out for the holidays!

5. Call Your Mom

Missing home? Don’t forget about your loved ones while you’re celebrating Independence Day an ocean away. Take this chance to call them up, wish them a happy 4th of July, and reassure Mom and Dad that you’re doing just fine in Beijing.

6. Join your Pengyous

Last but not least, kick off the perfect weekend by checking out Project Pengyou’s BBQ on July 3rd.

guests mingling
Last year’s Independence Day BBQ at the Pengyou Courtyard.

We’ll have everything from drinks, BBQ, and red white and blue desserts (even a little live music if you ask an intern to sing for you). Come join us in the courtyard for a spectacular Independence Day.

See you there!

Thanks to the Beijinger for so many of these cool events!

Image credit to weheartit and Jing-A Brewing.