Holly Chang Holly Chang
Chief Pengyou
Alumna of: University of Kentucky, Bellarmine University, Tsinghua University
Holly, our head honcho, is a Chinese-American social entrepreneur. She founded the Golden Bridges Foundation in 2007 to support China’s grassroots nonprofits. Since then she has served over 100 nonprofits in China as an international strategist and program accelerator. Her focus is on creating projects at the intersection of technology, art, and humanity. Holly is the shortest person in the office.
Height: 5′ 1/2″


Alyssa Farelly Alyssa Farrelly
Executive Director
Alumna of: American University
Alyssa graduated with a BA in International Studies and a minor in Mandarin. She studied abroad at Peking University in 2009 and fell in love with 包子 and all things Beijing. Prior to the Golden Bridges Foundation, Alyssa interned for several NGOs, worked at a Chinese travel start-up and taught English. She is also currently a Heyrobics instructor and leads impromptu office exercise breaks.
If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life: Everything bagel with vegetable cream cheese.


Devin Nickell Devin Nickell
Program Director
Alumna of: University of Missouri, Columbia
Devin is from Kansas City, MO but considers Beijing her second home. After graduating from the University of Missouri with degrees in International Studies and Political Science in 2013, she returned to Beijing as the Head Resident Adviser for the IES Abroad Beijing program, seeking a career that would combine her passion for cultural exchange and public service.Devin has been with the Golden Bridges team since May 2014, and as the Program Director handles online content and strategy for, as well as offline program communication, planning and execution. Devin is also Co-President and manager of her A Capella group based in Beijing, 京Sing.
Parlor trick: Can memorize almost anything lyrical, including the preamble to the US constitution set to music.


Sunny Guo Sunny Guo
Operations Manager
Alumna of: Beijing Language and Culture University
Sunny (Chinese name 郭日辉) was born in a small city in Liaoning, China. When she was 19, Sunny left her home town and went to study at Beijing Language and Culture University. After graduating, she worked at Lenovo as a business planning specialist and cost engineer for four years before joining Golden Bridges in March 2014.
Favorite F1 racer: Sebastian Vettel


Helen Huang Helen Huang
Community Engagement Advisor
Alumna of: Harvard University, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Nanjing Normal University
Helen is our team advisor in the U.S. for the Leadership Fellows Program and national grassroots chapters. She is a passionate advocate for study abroad and community organizing. Helen is also the Director of Asia Programs at the Center for International and Intercultural Studies at St. Lawrence University and a coach for leadership development workshops at Harvard Kennedy School, as well as in corporate programs.
Newest purchase: A house!


Faye Pu Faye Pu
Design and Operations
Alumna of: Columbia University, Beijing Language and Culture University
Faye is the Swiss Army knife of Team Pengyou, responsible for designing the site, overseeing the Chinese staff and managing the tech team remotely. She was born and raised in Chengdu and attended BLCU on a government scholarship. She also has the smallest feet in the office.
Shoe size: 33; 4.5 US (21.5 cm)


George Ding George Ding
Media Producer
Alumnus of: University of Southern California
George was born in Beijing and moved to the lush, yuppie suburbs of Washington D.C. at the age of four. He received a BA in Film Production and a minor in East-Asian Languages and Cultures from the University of Southern California. After college, George moved back to Beijing, where he joined Team Pengyou.Favorite South Park character: Randy Marsh


Stuart Wan Stuart Wan
Tech Liaison
Alumnus of: Beijing Jiaotong University
Stuart Wan is our tech whiz. He handles the back-end of the Project Pengyou site and leads a number of web developers for Project Pengyou from Haikou in sunny Hainan province.
Favorite Chinese food: Kung Pao Chicken!