SupChina News App: The New China Watcher on the Block


For those who are interested in working, studying or living in China, it is important to be in-the-know of China’s current political, social, and economic situation, position on issues etc.

SupChina is an upbeat, informative China-focused news source that gives China watchers an in-depth, constructive viewpoint on China’s state of affairs. Through acquiring the popular Sinica podcast hosted by Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn and amassing a dearth of China related content onto their website, SupChina is definitely an up and coming news source to watch.

A veritable who’s who of China watchers, check out SupChina’s impressive list of online magazines, podcasts, and even twitter accounts, which cover topics spanning everything from politics and history to modern culture like memes and gossip.

If you subscribe online, you can even get a digest of their content sent directly to your email with news to have on your radar for that week.


Happy reading, Pengyous!


About SupChina

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SupChina is a new media company dedicated to news about China for the hundreds of millions of Sinophiles, Chinese living abroad, experts, and China-curious readers and listeners who aim to develop and refine their expertise on the nation. SupChina features top news from more than 150 high-quality sources, original essays and articles, the respected Sinica podcast, and photographs of the country from the award-winning photographer Michael Yamashita.

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