Developing Cross-Cultural Leaders with Super Nahtral Sports

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It’s no secret that basketball has become insanely popular in China over the last few years. The average Chinese person I occasionally meet on the street knows way more about the NBA than I do, and can easily name their favorite teams and players.

But how is this newfound love of the game changing Chinese youth? We asked a new company, Super Nahtral Sports (SNS), which is running exchange programs that act as a bridge connecting basketball lovers across borders, to share their passion for the game with us and why they brought basketball to Beijing.


Neighborhood Courts to College

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U.S. Exchange student Javonte goes for a shot at the SNS Beijing summer camp

“I started playing basketball at the playground with my friends when I was a teen.” said Nahtral Morgan, the founder of Super Nahtral Sports. He described basketball as a good outlet for his stress and how his love for the game and a good coach changed his life.

Like any good inspirational tale of athletic success, one day while playing, he happened to be spotted by a college basketball recruiter.

“I had no plans to go to college after high school but a trip to the local college campus changed the course of my life. The best player on the team was an All-American player. No one on my team wanted to guard him because he was very good. I took the challenge of guarding him.

I blocked his shot and the ball was wedged between the basket and the backboard. On the way down the court I heard a course raspy voice saying “look at him, he’s fearless, he looks like a poor man’s Scottie Pippen”. I thought the man was talking about my friend who was six foot six, but then the man pointed at me and said “I’m talking to you”.

Although at the time, he didn’t have any experience playing organized basketball, he was offered a scholarship to play for the college team. Now, he wants to share the confidence and skills he gained from the sport and what it has given him with others. For the students that join Super Nahtral Sports, basketball serves as an outlet. In addition to giving them a break from studying and gaining athleticism, they learn teamwork, build confidence, and other valuable life skills. Finally, basketball could also help these students secure scholarships and acceptance into their school in the same way it helped Nahtral.


Sports and Exchange

Max, a student, receives his participation medal from Nahtral

SNS’ exchange summer camps provide opportunities for players to visit China to experience basketball here and experience China’s culture first hand; it also provides opportunities for players from China to train with foreign players and experience other cultures. One student, Bryan Wong said:

“After I trained with Nahtral, I realized that there was potential to be something greater. I had always prided myself on my work ethic but never envisioned myself to be a professional player. However, having Nahtral as a coach provided me with the inspiration and vision to see beyond what I thought I could be. Both countries share the passion and enthusiasm for the game.”

We are happy to see these exchanges happening, and hope that through Basketball, more pengyous can continue to be made across borders. Applications for their summer exchange program in Boston are currently open. Any boy or girl between the ages 12-19 can sign up. Sign up before the June 15th and don’t miss out!

Interested in finding out more about their US-China basketball exchange programs? Contact Nahtral Morgan at or +86 010-84200482.