SERIES: Pengyous of Beijing

Beijing, China

“I know what you’re thinking! Why aren’t we like a lot of old Chinese people who like to do tai chi, play ping pong, or sing in the park? We don’t have a very good answer. It started out as just a way to stay in shape but we really started to enjoy playing basketball. We come here to play almost every day

…since you’re taking our photo, are we going to go viral in America? (laughs) We’re just kidding!”

Rayma Convenience Store, Beijing, China

“For my birthday one year my best friend gave me a present in this gigantic box. I was really impressed. I was excited to tear it open, but inside I found a slightly smaller box. That box held two more boxes which I opened and was extremely surprised when I found that all I got was a pair of underwear!”

“Were you angry at your friend?”

“Nope, I thought it was great! It was really funny. It made my day.”