Study Chinese Online with ACC’s Distance Learning Program


If you’re looking for an affordable way to practice your Mandarin skills before arriving in China or just want to keep them sharp, you should check out ACC’s Distance Learning Center! The ACC Intensive Language & Culture Program in Beijing is a Chinese language program administered by Hamilton College and hosted by Minzu University of China (MUC) in Beijing, and it is now looking for ways to provide students with more tools to learn Chinese prior to arriving in China.

The basic plan includes 20 minute one-on-one skype sessions with a Chinese teacher in Beijing, but the program is flexible to suit the different needs of each student. The staff are professionally trained Mandarin teachers based at ACC Beijing, and have a wealth of experience teaching Chinese as a second language.

Having a tutor can be extremely beneficial to language acquisition. A consistent teacher can help you identify problems in your grammar, pronunciation, or even gaps in your vocabulary that would be difficult to identify on your own. Read on to see how the classes are structured below:

acc 2
A student with his 单班课老师, (danbanke laoshi, or one-on-one teacher).

Session Breakdown:

  • 3-min: Warm-up in Chinese
  • 7-min: Listening/Speaking Interaction
  • 8-min: Task-based Activity
  • 2-min: Summary & Follow-up Activity

ACC recommends enrolling in one or two sessions per week to boost language learning. All levels of Chinese language learners can enroll in these classes, and the classes are taught using only Chinese (with small amounts of English as necessary).

If you or any Pengyous you know are interested, be sure to check out the website for more information: ACC Distance Learning Program

Established in 1996, the ACC is an intensive Chinese language program administered by Hamilton College, and hosted by the Minzu University of China (MUC) in Beijing. The curriculum, designed and supervised by experienced American college professors, focuses on studying the Chinese language through individualized instruction with a high level of participation and interaction. A Chinese-only language pledge is applied and upheld by the professors and instructors. Students are encouraged to interact only in Chinese in order to increase their proficiency in the Chinese language, and also, their understanding of China’s culture and society. ACC’s Chinese language program has successfully trained over 1,500 students who are linguistically and culturally proficient in Mandarin Chinese, and who can function freely in Chinese-speaking communities.

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