Wuhan Students Escape “Dog Days of Summer” with Inflatable Dorm Pool

For Chinese university students who board in dorm rooms of four to eight without AC, studying in the summer heat is a challenging task. According to Quartz, “A survey conducted by China Youth Daily last year showed that 94.3% participants’ colleges don’t have AC in their dorms.”

The problem is especially acute in Wuhan, known as one of China’s “Three Furnaces,” where the average temperature in July and August is a blistering 91 degrees Fahrenheit.

But some innovative Wuhan students have taken it upon themselves to cool off by setting up an inflatable pool in the middle of their dorm room.

These pictures posted by CCTV News on Twitter show the shirtless students have also set up tables in the pool for watching movies and playing cards.

Though the proximity of electronics to water is a little disconcerting, we admire their ingenuity and hope that students around China are finding innovative ways to beat the heat this summer.