International Women’s Day: China Development Brief Special Report

Chinas Rosie the Riveter
In honor of International Women’s Day (March 8th) as well as the 20th anniversary of the Beijing UN Women’s Conference – a significant milestone for Chinese women’s organizations, China Development Brief has published a Special Report highlighting the women’s movement in China. It’s a fascinating report with a wealth of information. If you’re curious about women’s issues in China, this report is a must-read!

womens rights chinaThe report gives an in-depth background about the women’s rights movements since Mao, including the development of NGOs/GONGOS (Non-Government Organizations/Government Organized Non-Government Organizations) and milestones in the development of feminism in Chinese society.

LGBT China
linking hands for LGBT rights.


The report also includes several case studies covering topics such as domestic violence, sexual harassment, the rights of domestic workers, women’s group’s involvement in AIDS activism, and gay/lesbian rights.

We hope that all Pengyous will benefit from CDB’s efforts and use it to build their knowledge of China!




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