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by Yixuanariel on June 24th, 2016   670 views

True Run Media is looking to fill the JingKids Editor in Tianjin position.


Job Description

The Editor manages and publishes the JingKids Tianjin wechat, weibo, website, as well as any potential publications related to JingKids’ Tianjin market. 天津编辑管理、撰写和发布菁kids天津版块的微信、微博、网站以及天津市场相关的其他出版物的内容。


The Editor represents JingKids and True Run Media at local community events, and liaises with community partners and clients to obtain relevant content to support the brand’s strategic direction.

天津编辑在天津市场代表菁kids和True Run Media,积极参加当地社区活动,与当地社区机构和客户建立良好好关系,以支持菁kids品牌在天津市场的发展。


□ Works with the Executive Publisher in editorial planning for all digital media and any potential publications in the Tianjin market. 协助执行出版人策划天津数字媒体的内容。

□ Assigns, receives, and edits all content for Tianjin. 分配、收集、编辑所有天津版块内容文章。

□ Interviews, researches and writes content for the assigned sections. 对需要撰写的内容部分进行采访、研究及编写。

□ Collects and edits local community events, news, and directory listing. 收集并编辑天津地区社区活动、社区新闻及分类信息。

□ Produces and edits and proof reads the digital content for website, wechat, and weibo. 按计划定期按时完成网站、微信及微博内容的制作和发布。

□ Conducts debriefs with Sales and Production Departments. 与销售及设计部沟通交流。

□ Attends events with important clients and communities. Acts as an influential person in Tianjin’s parent community. 参与天津地区客户及社区相关的活动。力求在天津家长社区里成为有影响力的人物。



Education background preferred journalism

Fluent speaking and writing skills both in Chinese and English

The ability to produce under deadline





How to Apply

Please send your application to: employment@truerun.com

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